Angry Birds 2: Rellitation Soundtrack
Angry Birds 2: Rellitation Soundtrack (also titled Angry Birds: Rellitation Soundtrack) is a 2014 soundtrack who was released June 21, 2014. It has 20 songs.

Song ListEdit

  1. Rellitation Is Coming (start of movie)
  2. We Sell Watermelons
  3. Rellitation Tornado
  4. Easter Bunnies Will Come
  5. Death, Not Cool
  6. Rellitation 126
  7. The World Ends Now
  8. Wikipedia's Page Will Expire 24 February 2015
  9. Rellitation Leader
  10. Kick-ass
  11. Battle the Birds
  12. Desevator Pig Sees The Tornado And Orange Bird's Power: Bombs!
  13. He Is A Ham
  14. Rellitation Is Here
  15. Trip To Hollywood
  16. Explosions In Dodget Staudiam
  17. Hollywood Walk Of Fame Battle
  18. Rocket Blast
  19. I Rellitation You
  20. LMFAO'S Party Rock Anthem (end of movie)

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